We built the pyramids

The barenaked ladies song that is the theme song for the Big Bang Theory show has that line is pretty profound. Not the show, it’s fun and most ist and ism is covered within its boundaries. No, the theme song. We built the pyramids.

Yes we did.

Wow. We humans build that giant Lego set with raw human labour.

We put people into space.

We put people on the moon.

We invented democracy.

We developed mathematics.

We’re all human, no flag or arbitrary “border” matters.

We did that.

From what little I know about anthropology, HomoSapiens thrived where HomoNeanderthalis did not. The key sociological difference was that we worked together.

Wars are and always have been part of human experience, maybe inevitable. Doesn’t take away the fact we’re all distant cousins though



From time to time you’ll come across datasets that you want to glean how many of a given group are related. For example test scores. With the vlookup function, it’s simple to add banding

First we need to create a little table for our bands. Name this table Banding, makes life simpler when things have names

Now apply the banding to your dataset by using VLOOKUP. Note especially the TRUE. This is the trick that makes banding work. It’s saying give me the corresponding band for a given value without going over. So the bands are 0–9, 10–19, 20–29, 30–39, 40–49, and 50+



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